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Podcast: What do you know about Yoko Ono?

Podcast: What do you know about Yoko Ono?

If you were to ask a random selection of people, “What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Yoko Ono?” ‘She was married to John Lennon’ would probably be a common reply. If you then asked them what they know about her music, you’d either get blank looks or references to her screaming into a microphone.

In the latest episode of the Misadventures in Music podcast, hosts Ian Prowse and Mick Ord take on the challenge of reshaping these perceptions by diving deep into the life and music of Yoko Ono. They are joined by Madeline Bocaro, a renowned biographer who has been closely following Ono’s career since the sixties. Bocaro’s critically acclaimed book, “In Your Mind – The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono,” aims to dispel a number of myths about the 91-year-old artist, particularly the misconception that “she’s just a screamer.”

Through their conversation, Ian and Mick explore the breadth and depth of Ono’s artistic contributions. Bocaro provides a nuanced portrait of Ono, highlighting her innovative spirit and the profound influence she has had on contemporary music and art. They discuss her avant-garde compositions, her pioneering work in the Fluxus movement, and her influence on the conceptual art scene.

Listeners will find themselves inspired and energized by Ono’s story. Her life, both before and after her marriage to John Lennon, is filled with moments of extraordinary creativity and resilience. Far from being merely an appendage to a Beatle, Ono emerges as a formidable artist in her own right, whose work continues to resonate and inspire.

For those who have only known Yoko Ono through the narrow lens of her marriage to Lennon, this podcast offers a refreshing and enlightening perspective. It’s a journey into the mind of an artist who has been criminally misunderstood and unfairly maligned.

Tune in to the Misadventures in Music podcast for an episode that promises not only to entertain but also to challenge and expand your understanding of Yoko Ono. You might just find yourself surprised by what you learn.


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