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PODCAST: Songs of War and Peace in Times of Trouble

PODCAST: Songs of War and Peace in Times of Trouble

Many political and military observers are calling the current war in Ukraine the most serious conflict that Europe has faced since World War Two, without for one moment demeaning the impact of other conflicts such as the wars in the former state of Yugoslavia 30 years ago.

In episode 8 of Misadventures in Music Ian Prowse and Mick Ord discuss how different songwriters have viewed some of the other conflicts that have plagued the world over the years, from the Spanish Civil War in the Thirties, through to Vietnam and the Falklands War, taking in a range of differing perspectives such as Nina Simone, Bruce Springsteen and Christy Moore.”

Track Listing

  • Country Joe McDonald (Woodstock 1969) – ‘Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die’/ ‘The Vietnam Song’.
  • Bruce Springsteen – The Wall.
  • Nina Simone – Backlash Blues
  • Christy Moore – Viva La Quinta Brigada
  • REM – Orange Crush
  • Billy Bragg – Island of No Return



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