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Podcast – Little Richard

Podcast – Little Richard

Misadventures in Music: A Dive into Spencer Leigh’s Life & His New Little Richard Biography

Having broadcasted on BBC Radio Merseyside for over four decades, Spencer is no stranger to the nuances of music and its artists. But if you think age has dimmed his wit and charm, think again. As Spencer quipped about his very first series, a poetic endeavour named No Holds Bard: “I didn’t appreciate at the time that written puns didn’t work on radio.”

To fans of Spencer, his voice has been a familiar and reassuring presence on Sunday nights since 1985 with On The Beat. The radio show has been the platform for special concert performances from notable musicians like Billy J. Kramer with the Dakotas and Pete Wylie.

But it’s not just about music; it’s about stories. Some of Spencer’s most memorable moments on air include his iconic 1981 series, ‘Let’s Go Down The Cavern’, which paved the way for him to write a book about the Merseybeat era with the same title.

Beyond broadcasting, Spencer’s pen (or perhaps more accurately in this day and age, his keyboard) has crafted comprehensive biographies of music giants, ranging from Elvis Presley to Simon and Garfunkel. And let’s not forget his recent endeavour, a biography of Bob Dylan titled ‘Bob Dylan: Outlaw Blues’.

When he’s not penning biographies, he’s jotting down sleeve notes. In a fun tidbit he shared, he expressed his excitement when the soundtrack album, *The Best Of Heartbeat*, topped the charts in 1994, albeit cheekily acknowledging, “Of course, no one bought it for my sleeve notes.”

However, the main course of the evening was his new book about Little Richard. Set to be published on the 23rd of November, this biography promises a fun-packed journey into the life of the iconic Little Richard. For those eagerly waiting to dive into the narrative, Spencer offers the option of pre-ordering. The best part? He’s willing to sign and personalise it without any extra charge. Well, if that isn’t a true author-fan relationship, we don’t know what is.

In this delightful episode of Misadventures in Music, we not only got a glimpse into Spencer Leigh’s illustrious career but also his passion for the art. His love for music and the stories behind musicians is evident in every word he speaks and writes.

So, if you’re in for a fun ride filled with music, stories, and a dash of wit, don’t forget to grab a copy of Spencer’s new biography on Little Richard. And while you’re at it, maybe play an episode or two of Misadventures in Music There’s always something to learn, laugh at, and ponder upon. Cheers to many more musical misadventures!


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