Both celestial and angular, Philadephia’s answer to the worldwide post-punk phenomenon are a literal house-ful of musicians, collectively known as Blood.

The six-piece, Austin turned Philly-project descended upon New York City for two shows in April and immediately peaked my interest and got me stoked for the current sounds of the Northeast megalopolis.

After catching the band the first time on April 7th at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, my friends and I committed to see them again the next night, albeit much less bevvied. It’s a trend of mine…

This was to see whether our memories deceived us, or if this was, in fact, a band we all agreed topped our lists.

No bullshit, we love Blood.

On the second night, in spite of the fact that they were performing under the name ‘One Yard Stare’, it was clear that everyone in the venue knew exactly who they were seeing. Also, I love a good misnomer, but I was pretty entranced for the second time so…

No matter their early set, quiet demeanor (initially), or the generally mellowed-out room, these guys accomplished what every great band sets out to do; take a beautiful song, and totally dismantle it in front of our very eyes. When I’d finally caught enough of the hook to sing along, they’d digress into noise, noise, noise and discordant sections matched with whimsical vocal lines that really cut through.
It was lovely, and it took me by surprise.

Tim O’ Brien’s vocals were reminiscent of both Ramesh (Voxtrot) and Thom Yorke, but then seamlessly shifted into a careful nonchalance I’ve more often found in the gritty underground of northern England… and I suppose the DIY scene of the US as well of course, but I am just getting my toes wet here again so Heaven, forgive me.

If you hate the Talking Heads, the Fall, Dry Cleaning, Fugazi, Walt Disco, Sinead O’ Brien, PVA… uh… then you won’t like these guys (but yer probably also not my friend then innit)

Get down to one of their sets soon… whether they called themselves Blood, One yard Stare, or whatever- I can at least promise you’ll be seeing one of my favourite bands this year.


Check out Blood at their Spotify or at one of their upcoming shows- @ the Broadway November 3rd, dorks.



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