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Orange Dolla Fox – Don’t Fox With Me

Orange Dolla Fox – Don’t Fox With Me

Who is Orange Dolla Fox?

I am 38 years old and have been composing / producing for artists for over 15 years. I ghostwrite for Dancehall and

Afropop producers on several labels. This work allowed me to meet many artists around the world who, too, “ghostwriten” for the same artists. I wanted to make an album with all these people who work in the shadows

What is “Don’t Fox With Me”?

My first album brings together 15 Afropop, Dancehall and Reggaeton tracks. Recorded remotely, during the year 2020, the titles bring together 20 artists of different nationalities (Nigeria, Jamaica, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, Colombia etc …). The album is a mixture of several sounds, as other artists have proposed before (Major Lazer, for example). It’s a festive, electro-pop and unifying album

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