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We talk to Ultra Nate headlining Reminisce Festival 2019

We talk to Ultra Nate headlining Reminisce Festival 2019

Reminisce is gearing up for another belter of a festival , Classic 90’a acts such as The Venga Boys, D:Ream, 2Funky2, N-Trance and many more will perform .

It’s about to blow the roof off and you don’t want to miss it and we spoke to one of the legendary headliners.

Ultra Nate became famous worldwide for her smash hit “Free”, In this exclusive interview she tell us a bit more about her life as a performer, writer and about her up and coming projects including the sell out festival reminisce which comes to us on 7th September at Sherdley Park in St Helens.

Hello Ultra, It is a real pleasure for me chatting with you, I’ve been a fan for a long time, so what have you been up to recently?

Your most welcome thanks for taking the time to talk to me, wow well where do I start? I am always doing stuff I’m always on the go.

It is our anniversary coming up so we are touring a lot, I’m in the process of writing my 10th album which is around 60% done and is called “Glass House”, and it’s been a busy but very exciting and rewarding time for me.

You are ranked 12th most successful dance artist of all time- what a great achievement- how do you feel knowing you set the trend for dance music moving forward through the decades?

Honestly it’s a large weight to carry, it’s so crazy to have been in the middle of it all but to stand back and absorb it all with so many experiences is overwhelming.

At the time pushing myself was a huge factor and trusting my instincts and being unafraid to fail was a motivation for me, becoming emotionally and mentally naked in the process was something I fully embraced.

Growing up your inspirations were Marvin Gaye, Boy George so how did you find your love of dance music- any inspiration from back in the day? 

I loved all music genres, for me disco, dance RnB played into one another, technology was on the rise which made it easier to produce dance music.

The diversity of different music styles just mulled together and experimenting was key.

So your a headliner for this year’s reminisce festival. Have you played to a Liverpool crowd before if not what are you expecting and what are you looking forward to about it?

Well being the biggest old skool festival I am absolutely honoured to be headlining, the uk crowd are cool and my music was embraced due to the uk audience, the single it’s over now in 1989 was the one that put me on the uk map and the support was overwhelming so I have lots of love for the people of the uk. 

So it’s that cliche question, if you could work with anyone presently who would it be and why?

Oh that would be Elton John, although I think I would need some therapy to prepare myself for his level of talent! 

So what happened Ultra to you being not afraid to fail…?

Ha! You got me there, I would just have to trust the process and the talents within myself and get myself together!

So as a DJ/Writer/performer what gives you the most feels?

Wow that’s a hard one, ok so with writing it’s wonderful when it’s flowing and amazing when you can express yourself intellectually, almost like speaking through yourself but they all come from the same well spring.

With recording that’s a whole other animal, for me it’s about how you want to convey to your audience, you want to give them feels depending on the song.

And with DJ’ing it’s all about having fun! 

Well Ultra it’s been an absolute pleasure to talk to you today and wishing you more future success!

Thankyou Emma, and I love you guys in the UK!

You Rock! 

You can catch Ultra Nate live at Reminisce Festival on Saturday 7th September tickets available here

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