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The Mouse Outfit w/ support from Thoughtified Rhyme & Dirty Vertebrae

The Mouse Outfit w/ support from Thoughtified Rhyme & Dirty Vertebrae

Misc. Jockey, Sammy B and BatFunk took to the stage first under legendendary local Hip – Hop group Thoughtified Rhyme; A.K.A ‘The First Squad’ (If you don’t know, they’re back). The crowd already bustling at this point were yet to be even more habituated through the energetic rhymes flowing from the tongues of evidently long-time friends Sammy B and BatFunk; accompanied by genius beats and cuts from Misc. Jockey the bar was set, and it was set high.

Keeping the energy at its high and bringing a full bodied band sound to the evening was Dirty Vertebrae. A band that can pull its audience as far afield as they like will always put on a great local show and this is especially true for Dirty Vertebrae. Taking Ska beats, vicious bars, and melodic vocals, shredding guitar and dirty bass, and then sticking it all into one musical gumbo, Dirty Vertebrae aren’t one to be missed by any self-respecting music fan; truly something for everyone.


And now. The moment we were all waiting for. The Mouse Outfit. Lead, on this occasion, by Dr Syntax, Dubbul O and Ellis Meade, The Mouse Outfit took to the stage and seemingly had everyone within De Bees that night within their firm grasp; me included. From pure, unadulterated energy to those sweet as fuck chords on the keys that could mellow even the angriest of humans, The Mouse Outfit had it all. I can honest say I’ve seen pits at punk gigs with less movement that the crowd on this night, fuelled by attitude and love pouring from Dr Syntax, Dubbul O and Ellis Meade. The end of the set came around all too quick, in the words of Syntax “Knock me down with a feather, I was just hitting my stride and having fun”, but before they left us they still had the energy and time for not one but two encores. There were no complaints, all smiles. I think they’ll be back.

The vibe created by every artist that night shone through until the early hours. No fights, no arguments, just positive vibes. Most, if not all of the artists stayed to continue drinking with the dedicated crowd; the sense of community was something beautiful to witness and something we can all hope will become a common scene.


Words by Dominic J Ogden

Images From Miles West


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