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Manchester three-piece garage punk band TINFOILS release their new single “SPITTING”

Manchester three-piece garage punk band TINFOILS release their new single “SPITTING”

Tinfoils : Spitting

Maybe it’s partly down to the isolation, a subconscious yearning for human interaction, that has me visualizing myself in some beautiful smelly independent venue, all available table space stacked with discarded or forgotten half empty plastic pints and crushed up cans. I’ll spend 20 minutes queuing for a warm one of my own, only to stare at it as it vibrates (a bit like that scene out of Jurassic park) on its makeshift shelf glued to the brick wall behind the speake, until the bass kicks in and it falls off.

Anyway, back in this new reality, I’m listening to Tinfoils Latest single “Spitting” trying to think of ways not to reference The Clash, Fratellis, Spring king or Idles. With raw energy; all three musicians in this Post ‘Punk’ Garage trio earn their sweatpants driving a relentless tempo. Its tight, catchy, crowd surfing fodder, a wall of noise fuelling irascible vocals, delivered with typical yorkshire verve.

If you’re a fan of any of the bands previously not mentioned in this review, you’ll take something from this. You might even want to turn it up really loud and jump all over the furniture and when this is all over get down to your local independent venue and appreciate feeling the full live force, warm beer and all. If, like me, your crowd surfing days are over, I’ll see you by the speaker.

Ian Daniels


Manchester three-piece garage punk band TINFOILS will release their new single “SPITTING” across all digital platforms on April 17th on their own record label Foilwrapped Records. It precedes a 9- date UK tour which features headline shows and support slots with The Mysterines and The C33s.

Born in Yorkshire but made in Manchester, TINFOILS are predominantly influenced by contemporary bands such as IDLES, Sleaford Mods, Thee Oh Sees, whilst also taking inspiration from several 20th century punk and post-punk bands such as Buzzcocks and The Fall.

The coming single features an angular, aggressive yet uplifting instrumental, combined with their trademark barked vocals, which poke fun at gloomy Manchester weather. This unique sound – combined with an underlying commentary on mental health and the harsh reality of capitalist society – creates a track that is exhilarating, honest, and utterly ruthless. Frontman George explains: “No matter what position you’re in, it seems like there’s always a bigger guy who wants to p*ss all over you and ruin your life. But sometimes rain is just rain, and you’ve got to learn to dance in it.”

The band are represented by Whispering Pines Collective, a prolific Northern booking agency who are currently working with bands such as Dirty Laces and Déjà Vega. 2019 saw TINFOILS explode across the Northern gig scene, supporting the likes of The Blinders and SHEAFS. Their frenetic live shows teeter on the edge of chaos, accruing the following industry reviews:

“Sarcastic, Satirical and extremely danceable” Manchester Evening News 

“They are a perfect mix of piss-taking and credibility that make them stand out in terms of delivery and hook” Flick of the Finger

“…the power trio who mean it” Louder Than War 

Tinfoils set was a nuclear attack that rattled our eardrums and left them ringing all week. Their raucous racket and faultless catalogue of frantic punk was a sight and sound to behold” FUDGEL 

TINFOILS are: George Unitt – Guitar/Vocals Alex Walker – Drums Will Burton – Bass

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