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Klammer release cover of Human League’s “Being Boiled”

Klammer release cover of Human League’s “Being Boiled”

It’s 41 years since The Human League released ‘Being Boiled’, a haunting, minimal, dark synth song years ahead of it’s time and to this day it’s still their best single release. Now Klammer have dragged ‘Being Boiled’ kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, replacing synths and drum machine with slashing guitars, throbbing bass riffs and pounding drums. Even by Klammer standards – often compared to the likes of Wire, Gang Of Four, XTC – this is top drawer post-punk rock ‘n’ roll. Full of hooks, driving energy, the unmistakeable vocals of Poss and a relentless guitar drenched mid-section courtesy of Steve Whitfield. As for covering another bands song and making it fit perfectly into the often hellish state of todays modern world Klammer have done a faultless job.

Klammer are currently writing their fourth album, the follow up to 2018’s brilliant ‘You Have been Processed’. In the meantime this powerful, melting pot of intense, cutting guitars, bass and drums that completely reworks ‘Being Boiled’ yet retains it’s instantly recognisable ominous undercurrent will have to carry us through.

I for one can’t wait to hear this being played live.

‘Being Boiled’ is backed with ‘And This Is How The West Was Won’ from Klammer’s critically acclaimed self-titled 2016 album.

Being Boiled will be available on June 3rd via Under Dogz Records here  and you can stream Being Boiled here.

Klammer’s website is here.

Klammer are on Facebook  here.

Review by Steve White

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