Jonny is an artist with an incredibly energetic flow. As soon as you hear his music, you will immediately get what he is trying to accomplish both on a personal and creative level. There is something truly special about combining different genres while also achieving a balanced and unique sound. This is not very easy to do, but it feels like a very natural artistic move for Jonny, who has explored various influences, such as indie-pop and many other influences, to create a catchy, yet personal sound for this mixtape.

‘Community’ by Jonny is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys the sound of artists such as John Mayer, Adam Devin, Jamie Woon and Caribou, to name but a few. This new release is a unique taste of what’s next for Jonny, and it is a strong indication that he is on to some great things musically. This is only the beginning of what’s in store for him and his music as a solo artist, as he continues to expand his following.

Find out more about Jonny and listen to Community, which is currently available on the best digital streaming services out there:

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