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Jake Marley’s Album Of The Week: Alexandra Savior – The Archer

Jake Marley’s Album Of The Week: Alexandra Savior – The Archer

One person starting off the new decade right is Alexandra Savior – with stunning new record The Archer, her first on DangerMouse’s 30th Century Records.

On the follow-up to her debut Belladonna Of Sadness Savior joined forces with producer Sam Cohen and they’ve clearly had fun playing around with her sound and creating a record that oozes the eeriness of her debut whilst feeling fresh, free and expansive.

Savior, now 24, is very much in control; empowered, focused and thriving. More so than her debut The Archer showcases that all beautifully in sparkling bright light.

As a record it’s top heavy with tracks released and teased beforehand with the second half predominantly fresh tunes. Fantastic singles Saving Grace and Howl hit home just how on the money Savior’s 2020 vision is. Howl is the first to show off this record’s increased synth and organ presence, something later built upon on several tracks including the simply phenomenal Send Her Back – which sees Savior & co. intertwine tight drums and organ chimes over a stunning orchestral backdrop. Vivid and cinematic. At times a film soundtrack without a film.

There’s swooning 60s elegance in the form of Can’t Help Myself before The Phantom kicks back into the slightly darker groove with tight drums, chirping alarm-like organ strikes and fuzzing reverb-laden guitars accompanying Savior’s lush vocals.

Throughout she holds the striking ability to both hypnotise and terrorize you with her vocal delivery – both swooning velvet and steely cold with her clever wordplay whilst the sublime array of synths, organs, basslines drums, guitars and orchestral elements is simply astounding. Production is right on the money.

Working alongside 30th Century Records, DangerMouse and Sam Cohen – has not only helped Savior to find her voice, it has showcased her in magnificent fashion. This is her record and we’re blessed to be living in it – a thing of absolute beauty.

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