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**PREMIERE** Watch Band Of Liars Brand New Music Video Premiere – 93 In November **HERE**

**PREMIERE** Watch Band Of Liars Brand New Music Video Premiere – 93 In November **HERE**

Urbanista Magazine are thrilled to bring you the premiere of 93 In November from Band Of Liars:

“93 in November” is a song that touches on the ending of a relationship and the heartache and isolated prison the pain and confusion you experience and feel before your finally are set free. The video reenact’s a girl trapped in the misery of a relationship that is over and what it’s like to truly start again and climb out into the sunlight of “93 in November” as much as you wish the whole time you can work it out sometimes it’s just time to move on and let go.

Artist- BAND OF LIARS – 

BAND OF LIARS – was formed by Front woman Rae Rae Jensen and long time friend – Shane Soloski – who is also the Producer of their new album entitled -THE TRUTH – he plays in the band as well on Bass guitar. The band sort of just formed naturally between some of their very best friends in music, All it took was a divorce, a tragic affair and some acoustic guitars, and lets just say more than a few drinks being shared between some good friends who decided that the only coping mechanism available to them was to write a bunch songs about all the drinking and divorce that surrounded them. 

As a result, the music is equal parts sublime fun and introspective sadness, both with a gritty truthfulness that is always lurking right below the surface. And when you hear the songs for the first time, or if you are lucky enough to see the band perform live, there is no escaping the undeniable feeling that you are hanging out with your best friends. Its like you know these guys, and if the far to familiar sounding voice of – Band Of Liars Front woman Rae Rae Jensen sounds like you’ve heard it before, it’s probably because you actually have. She was the female vocalist featured on the hit song “Smile” by Uncle Kracker. After spending several years working with Detroit music royalty and touring the US and the south with Kid RockUncle Kracker, Ty Stone it was finally time for LA native Rae Rae to record her debut country rock album with West Coast grit and southern soul MADE IN LOS ANGELES. Producer Shane Soloski has been relentless at preparing Rae Rae for this next chapter of success and they now have a record and band that is an undeniable representation of great songwriting and production. This is just the beginning for this well oiled machine which is a combination of hard work struggle and what beauty can come out of the sadness ~ BAND OF LIARS ~

CONTACT -Rae Rae 818-231-6468

Email address- Hardtimes.and.alcohol@gmail.com

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