London Based Artist Portamento captures dystopian New Brighton during lockdown

London Based Artist Portamento captures dystopian New Brighton during lockdown

Portamento is a London based Electronic Musician and Visual Artist, who this week releases his latest Audio/Visual piece based on his hometown New Brighton, Wirral.

The work is reflective of how the 2020 global pandemic has changed New Brighton and how moving back to his hometown, Portamento found inspiration with a renewed love for the area. The A/V work also named ‘New Brighton’ offers a lens through which the desolate and serene landscape has presented itself over the last 3 months during the lockdown. The film features footage from dusk through to dawn, with the fluctuating Mersey tide broken up by its dystopian like empty beach, streets and surroundings. All of this footage is underpinned with an original score from Portamento featuring stirring sea-like

Synthesizer sounds supported by field recordings of the ambient Mersey waves and sounds.

The soundtrack to New Brighton is enhanced by the use of Binaural recording and production techniques, making full use of the audio.

spacial field. Binaural audio is a 3D sound format for headphones, where sound sources are spatialised simulating a 360° sphere around the listener. Sounds can not only be perceived left or right like in traditional stereo, but from above, below, front, back, and every possible angle.

Best enjoyed with headphones on!

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