Rob Mitchell, known by his stage name Deep Transit, is a renowned composer, record producer, singer, songwriter, and technician. Based in the DC, VA, and MD areas, Mitchell has been a significant figure in the music industry, known for his versatile sound that spans dance music, EDM, hip hop, and electronic genres. His previous single “Stand Up” garnered significant acclaim, setting the stage for the success of his latest release.

In addition to “A Rhythm in Time,” Deep Transit is gearing up for the release of his brand-new LP, “Everything a Rhythm,” set to drop in May 2022. The LP will feature several tracks, including the popular single “Everything a Rhythm” released in 2021. Fans can also look forward to another single that Mitchell plans to release soon.

Mitchell’s music has consistently topped charts, with ten #1 hits across various platforms such as Radio Airplay and and Billboard music top 20. His solo career has been marked by a unique blend of hip hop, rap, and electronic music, often drawing inspiration from Chicago deep house music, tech house of the ’90s, and influential artists like Larry Heard and Herbie Hancock.

Deep Transit’s discography is a testament to Mitchell’s versatility and talent. Tracks like “Liberate” and “Keep on Dancing” have dominated online music platforms, showcasing his ability to create engaging and memorable music. His upcoming LP promises to be a mix of hip hop, rap, and electronic, with standout instrumental tracks like the #1 hit “Just Breathe” (Instrumental) and the recently released “Just Looking at the Sunset” from November 2020.

Deep Transit’s latest offering, “A Rhythm in Time (Early Morning),” is more than just a song; it’s an experience. With its infectious rhythm and uplifting message, it’s poised to become a favorite among music lovers. Dive into the world of Deep Transit and let the music elevate your spirits.

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