Authentic outlaw country is back thanks to the multifaceted musician Todd Barrow.

February 12, 2024

 Todd Barrow is making a name for himself as a country artist to watch. The Texas award-winning singer-songwriter and actor on the rise has been winning features across music media of all kinds. He is also winning spots on an increasing number of television shows and winning movie interest. Building off of this success, he recently announced exciting news for his growing fan base: the release of his new album “American Made.” Early feedback is pointing toward it possibly being his best work yet. He certainly appreciates the attention.

“Fans are the reason I keep making music,” Todd commented. “Thank you for your support.”

The release of American Made is a refreshing moment for those many country music fans who haven’t felt comfortable in the safe and pop-influenced quarters of much of the modern genre. The new album is a firm piece of Outlaw County, with Todd telling personal tales that mix fun, danger, and even some introspection. The passion and energy is evident. Hank Williams and Johnny Cash would be proud.

More than just a singer and guitar player, Todd also shows off his ability on the piano, mandolin, harmonica, and drums. Combine this with his songwriting (something he often does for other artists as well), and it’s easy to wonder, “Is there anything Todd Barrow can’t do when it comes to real Country Music?”

Check out American Made and see for yourself.

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out for Todd in the new television series “Bounty TV,” which showcases his skill and charisma as an actor. The series features an all-star cast and is expected to be a hit.

American Made is on Apple Music here.

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Todd Barrow is a Texas-based award winning singer-songwriter with country hits on global charts and starring roles in motion pictures.

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