Celiane The Voice is an artist who has a history of releasing fantastic and memorable songs to the world, and of setting herself apart against the crowd. Celiane is a living cartoon of sorts – a performing superhero who speaks her message of tough love to all those willing to hear it.

Her music is catchy and infectious: not only are her melodies so immediate and memorable, but they also bring a fresh boost of energy to the audience. Such is the case of her most recent studio track, “Papa’s Song (What Is This Feeling?)” which is out now. What an amazing way to give the new year a warm welcome!

Ultimately, Celiane’s music is most definitely going to be something for you to enjoy, especially if you like the fresh punch of dance music and how it blends in with refreshing and gripping melodic lines, sung beautifully and with a lot of emotion. Today, you can be a part of the artist’s success by following her on social and streaming platforms, while checking out “Papa’s Song (What Is This Feeling?)” for yourself.

For now, follow Celiane The Voice on socials: Instagram | Facebook Youtube

Did we mention that the artist is also releasing a cartoon book later this year – find out more here: https://celianethevoice.com/


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