New EP, “Locked Down & Out” dropping today January 5th from Calio. The featured single is “Fck You”.

Cailo grew up in Vallejo, CA, a small town about thirty minutes north from the bustling city of San Francisco. Here, many small town kids like Cailo, have big city dreams, but many of them fall short of their aspirations. Cailo is here to turn the tides and break the mold. With a fearless, daring and energetic attitude, Cailo is absolutely electric.

A one of a kind producer and writer, Cailo is a unique, soulful artist that grips listeners with her beautiful melodies and clever lyricism. Cailo provides catchy beats, with conscious lyrics to accompany many of her songs. Sometimes soulful, playful, satirical or even dark, each song Cailo creates tells it’s own story and has a personal meaning behind it. After Cailo began her career in her hometown, Vallejo, she started crafting pop/r&b songs. She soon found a new home in music when switched over to EDM a few years ago.

Now that Cailo has officially joined the EDM community, you can expect anything from progressive trance to deep house, to dance! Be sure to keep your ears peeled and look out for new music!

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