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Boogaloo & Africa Oyé Presents: DJ OKAPI At Kazimier Garden

Boogaloo & Africa Oyé Presents: DJ OKAPI At Kazimier Garden

Digging up rare vinyl grooves in the city of gold, DJ Okapi brings a forgotten era of South African pop music back to life, specifically the synth-fuelled 80s disco-funk known as bubblegum and the unique house-inspired kwaito grooves of the early 90s, connecting them to their contemporaries in other parts of Africa and its diaspora. 

Since 2009, through his Afrosynth blog, DJ Okapi has been instrumental in turning a new generation of music fans all over the world on to South African music of the 80s and 90s, most of which was never heard outside the country at the time. Afrosynth has more recently grown into a physical store in downtown Johannesburg and a re-issue label, Afrosynth Records.

Entrance is FREE but all donations on the night will go towards keeping the Africa Oyé festival free for 2019.


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