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Bearded Theory Festival 2022

Bearded Theory Festival 2022

Urbanista has been a devoted supporter of The Bearded Theory festival for quite some time now, so receiving an invitation in the mailbox is always an exhilarating moment.

What sets this festival apart is its remarkable dedication to accommodating families while still delivering an incredible and well-organized celebration of music.

Since its inception at the Knockerdown pub in 2008, this award-winning festival has come a long way. It now calls the independently owned 250-acre Catton Park estate its home, and what a splendid home it is!

Situated in the picturesque region of Derbyshire, Catton Hall enjoys the company of the beautiful river Trent flowing alongside it. The nearby charming villages and country lanes add an extra dose of allure to the journey to the festival. However, what made this particular experience even more special was witnessing my youngest son’s first music fest!

My own inaugural festival experience was probably back when I was in my 20s, and I’ve been hooked on the excitement for over two decades. I only wish I had started attending festivals earlier. Keeping that in mind, it was an obvious choice that my son’s first festival would happen now, at the impressive age of 12.

The evolution of summer music festivals has been rapid in recent years, with many striving to cater to children and teenagers. Bearded Theory consistently succeeds in understanding this concept year after year! It’s one of the first events on the calendar, which gives it an additional buzz and a vibrant atmosphere throughout the weekend.

The organization of this weekend extravaganza is truly top-notch. The campsites are strategically positioned, allowing for ample space between tents, and the glamping options look quite impressive as well!

Beared Theory family festival

Navigating the festival site is a breeze, and there’s an abundance of staff available to answer questions and provide assistance. This put my mind at ease, even if my son wanted to explore on his own for a little while. In fact, he fully embraced the spirit of the weekend, even purchasing his first bucket hat and dancing like a wild enthusiast. And the music?

I must admit, I’m devastated that we missed the Flaming Lips on Friday. I’ve heard they were outstanding, but luckily I’ve had the privilege of seeing them on a few occasions before, so it’s not all bad. The standout performances for me were The Now and Nova Twins.

I hadn’t heard of The Now before, but their set was truly impressive, and I’ve had their track “Rewind” on my playlist ever since.

As a teenager of the ’90s, Placebo headlining on Saturday was a dream come true. Their music was practically the soundtrack to after-parties and early-morning shenanigans. I’ve always been a fan but never had the opportunity to see them live until now, making it another unforgettable moment for me.

The band delivered a fantastic mix of songs from their extensive discography, including tracks from their latest album “Never Let Me Go.” They kicked off their set with the opening track from the album, “Forever Chemicals,” and closed with their version of Kate Bush’s “Running Up that Hill,” which they had released as a bonus track on the 2003 album “Sleeping with Ghosts.” If only they had waited for “Stranger Things”!

Bearded Theory over the years

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Images courtesy Nathan Robinson at Apertunes.

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