Ian Bareham, known for his intricate songwriting and emotive performances, has released a new single titled ‘Afraid To Bleed’. This latest track comes after his successful UK tour supporting Ché Aimee Dorval and recognition from BBC Radio 6 and BBC Introducing. ‘Afraid To Bleed’ is a deeply personal piece, addressing the pain of losing a loved one and offering solace to those who share similar experiences.

The song is rooted in indie-folk, characterized by its thick guitar lines and Bareham’s soul-stirring melodies. Light synths float in the background, adding depth to the emotional landscape. Bareham’s direct and heartfelt lyrics immediately engage the listener, capturing the essence of grief and the journey toward healing. Reflecting on the creation of ‘Afraid To Bleed’, Bareham shared:

“Music is a great healer. Songwriting has always been a way for me to navigate through the various highs and lows of life. After losing my mum, it helped me work through my grief, finding moments of comfort and understanding.”

Ian Bareham’s commitment to authenticity and emotional expression makes ‘Afraid To Bleed’ a standout addition to his discography, offering listeners a cathartic experience and a sense of solidarity in their struggles.

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