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I took an instant liking to this track. It was the first thing I listened to on my daily commute, and subsequently the first time I hadn’t wanted to murder everyone around me. The light staccato moments eased me into the day. By the close of the track I had almost fully accepted that I had a job, was on my way there, and everything was going to be ok. Initially I was going to say it sounded quite ‘Spacey’, but with recent events realise that affiliation might a little undesirable. So I’ve reassessed. It’s aptly named as it does encompass a kind of light cosmic energy to it, while maintaining a rhythmic and organic sound. I felt like I’d been transformed into a game of Pac-Man, but was impervious to the anxiety contrived by the homicidal candyfloss men. Realistically that vision is more likely drawn from their video rather than music, but it’s still a great feeling either way. It’s a rather dreamy tune with smooth lines, combined with a psychedelic undertone. They have a distinct sound, but a mash up of Flaming Lips with Radio Lux (before they became Race Horses) alongside a Kraftwerk influence did spring to mind. Reminiscent of Hot Chip, and the time I learned you could make music with Gameboys, with some vocals not completely unlike Meilyr Jones on top. The end result is something that sounds really quite pleasant. I’m excited to hear what else is on the horizon. Hopefully something equally as joyful I can play to family members on Christmas Day-when they realised they have been gifted socks for the third consecutive year.


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