Hey, I am back. And I went to go see some new friends play at the Knitting Factory at ‘Baker Falls’…. I thought that meant it was somewhere in the Hudson Valley or something but was really pleased to find out it was only steps from Tompkins so I didn’t really give up much in sense of venturing outside my work-life comfort zone.

The band in question was Monobloc, a new NYC post punk band that quickly achieved what I imagine they had set out to do… create a strong, full sounding live set that hits a nerve and forces me to just nod along. I was ‘in it’ so-to-speak….

I loved the jangly and hypnotic guitar work of Nina Lüders (Speedrun), alongside Timothy Waldron’s surprising vocal-sound which was incredibly strong, directive and with a great natural command of the audience. The band is apparently named after some sort of chair… I am not as versed in modern art as they are, it seems.

Speed round of questions for the guys….

What genre do you guys think you are ?

Post- post- post- post- punk.

Who do you wanna play with the most?

The Strokes. Joy Division. ((pass)) Massive Attack. Fontaines DC.

Dream venue?

Union Transfer in Phillie because it was the cool venue growing up…. I’d love to play there.

After the Mono was Bloc’d I got the chance to see the great DBA James, after hearing his name at half the shows in New York over the last six months. He did not disappoint at all, reminding me of early 2000’s pop icons blended with everything electro-bedroom-rock that is going on in NYC at the moment… a sort of modern classic.

No bad vibes, a great afters and a good night through and through.

Follow Monobloc and DBA James. Or else.


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