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Sea Girls at The Arts Club Wednesday 4th May

Sea Girls at The Arts Club Wednesday 4th May

If would be fair to say that the indie rock band Sea Girls have had an exciting year so far as gigs start to return, the lads show no signs of slowing momentum as they gear up to play international festivals over the summer, a highlight being Bennicasim FIB alongside the likes of Tom Grennan, Kasabian and Declan McKenna to name a few. But Wednesday’s setting was something far more intimate, much to the fans delight, at Liverpool Arts club. This being the bands second appearance in Liverpool in just a few months, it is clear to see why they are becoming a popular flavour in this city. Playing to a full capacity crowd, the four piece, fronted by Henry Camamile, kicked off the show with new fan favourite ‘Hometown’. The electric energy was infectious from the start and set the tone for the rest of the gig. The ever-growing fan base held nothing back, joining in with full voice, particularly for ‘Lonely’ from their new album. Sea Girls have proven already they are not your standard indie band, and can switch up the atmosphere seamlessly, most noticeably through ‘Sleeping with you’, in which we saw a glimpse into the vulnerability of these high energy performers, yet again, letting their fans see into their truth, which is arguably one of the bands key
strengths in connecting with their listeners.

The band continued to give the people what they want from their new album ‘Homesick’ with smash hit ‘sick’. A song that feels incredibly relatable for a generation growing weary of the times we are living in. Camamile took every opportunity to engage with the adoring fans staring back, reminding them throughout how much they love Liverpool. He questioned “ you won’t let us
down will you” and it was evident by the time they performed ‘All I wanna Hear you say’ that this solid fanbase were taken by them, hook, line and sinker. One thing to note was that the gig did feel as if it was cut short. ‘You over anyone’ felt like an ideal choice for a quieter moment to really appreciate the intimacy of the venue. However, this can be overlooked seen as the four-piece stayed behind for a lengthy amount of time, to personally meet and talk with their fans, a refreshing display of appreciation to everyone who came out.

In a conversation with the band afterwards, I asked who they were most looking forward to playing with at FIB this year, which seemed to catch them off guard as they scrambled to get the line up on their iPhone. They could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed at picking just one given the quality of the acts on the bill, however they settled on French electronic duo-Justice as well veterans of the game and big hitters, Kasabian. Seen as we were in Liverpool, it was only fair to ask them what their favourite Beatles song is, to which Camamile chuckled and said, ‘A day in the life’. (If you haven’t heard of it…. firstly where have you been living, and secondly…you know what to do.)

There is no doubt this talented band are destined for success, they are paving their way nicely, with their latest single ‘DNA’ being released today, you can listen to it on all major platforms.


By Dominique Daly

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    Love this band! Hopefully back in liverpool in the near future!!
    Lovely review dom!

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