Pray for mojo are a square shaped psychedelic outfit based in NW England.
Merging psychedelia with a range of sounds including garage rock, doom, prog and more, the bands churning fuzz laden guitar and hypnotic driving rhythms, time changes and range of soundscape have merged to create its own soundtrack and ode to Mojopia, accompanied by an already reputable live show finding a cosy middle ground between intricacy and chaos which has seen them work with The Lucid Dream, Deja Vega and more, gaining a reputation in their early tenure as a formidable live experience on the UK scene.
2022 sees the band release their debut album “Welcome to Mojopia”, a journey into the creation of the universe in which the band dwells.


First ‘Welcome To Mojopia’ ‘ landslide’

Snd single “Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Mine”

And lyric video to 3rd single “Law Of The Land”

Insta: @prayformojouk
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