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Let us introduce you to PinkShinyUltrablast !

Let us introduce you to PinkShinyUltrablast !

The sun is shining through my window this Sunday morning and my ears are still ringing from the previous nights visit of Pinkshinyultrablast to the Shipping Forecast. Currently on tour promoting their lush electro guitar opus Miserable Miracles LP ( in various colour splatter vinyl editions vinyl freaks! !).

Russian Band Pink Shiny Ultra blast

The St. Petersberg trio ran through a set that covered their previous 2 records as well. Opening with the lead track on the new record Dance A M their sound has shifted to a more electro beat driven sound though guitars certainly still wash over Lyubov Soloveva’s vocals. She sways trance like to the array of beats and bass swirling around the Shipping Forecast and is a beguiling presence.

They play old favourite Blaster which certainly does blast through shoegazey guitars and a spiral of melody and sheer bloody noise. The new material like In the Hanging Garden and Find Your Saint pulse through the nodding heads and the Liverpool crowd are throwing their own shapes along those of Lyubovs who loses herself in the maelstrom of kinetic beats and guitars buzzing through the Liverpool night.

Pinkshinyultrablast make some great sonic trails and we are lucky to see them in such an intimate setting. An hours set suddenly fizzs out and the humble trio say their goodbyes and the guitarist sells their wares on the merchandise stall.

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