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The Outside Looking In – Hot New Single by Peach Fuzz

The Outside Looking In – Hot New Single by Peach Fuzz

Spring has officially sprung and you’ll no doubt be looking forward to plenty a pint and cocktail in a beer garden or rooftop bar. The good news? There’s a perfect soundtrack for just that. We’ve been listening to Peach Fuzz a lot of late and their new single, The Outside Looking In screams hazy summer days. Upbeat and melodic, it’s pysch-pop at its finest, guaranteed to get your feet moving. We’d recommend listening while BBQing burgers and sipping a tinny.

The artwork for the single says a lot about the sound. With an old-school Miami neon flavour it seems to shout booze-laced days on a white-sand beach. And while Formby and New Brighton don’t quite rock the same flavours as the Americas, the song itself is worthy of any sunshine-state, palm-tree laden beachfront.

With rolling percussion, echoed vocals, and a banging synth-riff to boot, you’ll quickly come to love this new release from the Liverpool five-piece. It’s different to their last release, Destroy The Evidence, a melancholy reflection on a world in chaos.

Where that track was moody and dark, The Outside Looking In is uplifting and hope-filled – one for the romantics, the never-say-no gang, the lets-go-and-have-a-bevvy-even-though-its-Monday gang. (Side note: if you’re up for a bevvy on a Monday, get in touch, I go in to work late on a Tuesday.)

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Check their headline set on the 17th May at Sound, Liverpool.

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