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New releases : April delivers on Independent music spectrum.

New releases : April delivers on Independent music spectrum.

With most major labels and mainstream acts backing away from releasing new music due to tour and festival cancelations during this global pandemic, a pathway has seemingly cleared for DIY artists to shine brighter. With music lovers appetite’s still insatiable for fresh sounds, I’ve chosen to focus on independent artists with new April releases that otherwise may have slipped through the bulging net.

Third Way : Tides 

Third Way

Electro R&B, emitting Ibiza soundscapes.

It won’t take much listening for you to be visualising sunsets of yore, San Miguel’s and sunburn, and what might have been this summer, indeed, what still might be. Third Way’s debut track has a nostalgic and enlightened touch, one of those tunes that after a few listens feels like you’re reacquainted with an old friend. 

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Pale Blue Dot : How to swim EP

Unassuming and cerebral blissed out nu-folk. 

A nostalgic glance through the rearview mirror, when the early 90s vanguard lorded it over the charts, reminiscent of the likes of REM, the Connell’s, even Oasis in some of their more tender moments. A promising and well put together debut.

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The Herons : EPII

Synth drenched, operatic, Parisian new wave

Swimming in darker waters with this follow up to their fantastic debut ‘A trick of the light.’ The Parisian quartet deliver another 4 songs that seem elegantly distant yet meaningful. Sewing together a fabric woven by Kraftwerk, Bowie and The Chameleons, this is probably how the 80’s thought the future sounded. 

You’ll like this if you love : The Killers.


Palatine Lights : Palatine Lights EP

Apocalyptic trash punk.

Raging, and relentless, a timeless sound delivered with slickness and intent. Straight out of the Seattle school of dirty alt rock, think BRMC with extra RPM, put this on in the car and you’ll end up with a speeding ticket.

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Orchards : Lovecore (LP)

Polished and joyful math pop.

Social sobriety is a real stand out track on this perfectly named debut LP, a track somewhat in the mould of Arab strap it pulls together the rest of the album which for the main part is a breezy pean to lost teenage summers. A band that seems destined to get a lot of mainstream love.

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The Kundalini Genie : 11/11 (LP)

Psychedelic Urban soul.

Prolific Glaswegian multi-instrumentalist Robbie Wilson and his revolving door of compatriots belie their tender years with the imminent arrival of album number 4!

 This record is a glowing tangent of slow tripping beats, packed into kaleidoscopic soundscapes of synths, guitars and fuzzy vocals. Stand out track ‘You had it all’ comes in at a raking 8+ minutes yet never outstays its welcome. In fact the entire album could be an ode to the lurching ‘stoner blues’ heyday of the 90s, like Craig Nicholls, Richard Ashcroft and John Squire in bed together with fresh sheets on.

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