I was in San Francisco May 11th 2022  to write up on the band “Wet”, an electronica devotional project gaining steam on Columbia Records. It was a long flight from London, UK. The show was filled with delays and I was pretty much fed up by the time “Wet” went onstage. On my way to the hotel after the show I received a phone call from an old friend in the music business from Denver, CO and he said “you got to stay an extra day and see the Blackened Bass project Luna 13.” He said the front woman is a demon with stunning stage presence and the producer is like Author and Punisher on steroids. A far cry from the electronic devotional band I went to review. 


Luna 13 is evil. Black masks, demoness horns, babies chewed on, blood spill on the ground, skulls praised with devotional songs to Lucifer. It’s a real dark mass you’re watching. Peel back the theatrics and you have amazing songs, a magnetic front woman and a sound that is like

being punched by the Sun. It was electronic fire. The packed house at the Ivy Room in Albany, CA was split by those that sat there stunned while the other half was in a frenzied bloodbath in celebration of darkness. Luna 13 is for real. What was also such a delight is I talked to Dr Luna (the producer behind the mask) after the show and he’s a real spiritual guy and we talked about his many trips to India and how Luna 13 was an expression of the dark feminine they are both devoted to. He said Luna 13 is the expression of Hecate, Lilith and Kali. All I can say is you have to check out this music project on Cleopatra Records, it is the most original project in the scene right now and that sound is a new level of brutality called Black/Bass/Metal.  Be forewarned, they are not for the meek. Grab their recent release “Gorgo” here. 


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