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Liverpool Music Week – Dan Croll / Jalen N’ Gonda – Review

Liverpool Music Week – Dan Croll / Jalen N’ Gonda – Review

Having just about recovered from the phenomenal Chic show on Thursday night I decided it was high time I got along to another Liverpool Music Week show.  This time it was Dan Croll supported by Jalen N’ Gonda at Arts Club in Seel St.

Dan Croll

If you’ve never heard of Dan Croll, you’ve almost certainly heard his most popular track “From Nowhere” which pops up frequently in TV shows, adverts and I believe the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack.

I first discovered him 4 or 5 years ago when I was going through artists playing Liverpool Sound City whom I was unfamiliar with, checking them out on Spotify / YouTube, and he jumped out as a must see.

Sadly, as it turned out he was playing in a small coffee shop with a queue down the street so I didn’t manage to catch him on that occasion, though I did manage to see him later that year at Beacons Festival, but to be honest I was a little disappointed, and whether he had an off night or I’d just had too much to drink is lost to the mists of time.

His next song that I heard “Home” has a certain charm about it, it’s schmaltzy true but I can handle that, it’s the line “So if you ever come ’round to my house take your shoes off at the door / ‘Cause it’s impolite not to; you’ll be damaging my floor” that for me was a heady mix of cringe and fingernails down the blackboard!  So I kind of lost interest in his work at that stage.

But with a highly rated new album out, I decided it was time to check him out again – after all, that’s what festivals are for – seeing artists you wouldn’t necessarily pay to go and see on their own, but you are prepared to give them a listen, I’ve discovered some of my favourite artists that way.

I’m glad I did, I must say I enjoyed his set, a mixture of slower numbers and proper rocking ones.  There was a good turnout considering it was a cold Sunday night, and most importantly they all seemed to be enjoying his set.

Jalen N’ Gonda

I must admit I hadn’t heard of Jalen N’ Gonda before – but it seems he’s been on the go for a while, and I was certainly glad that I’ve finally discovered him.

He is originally from Maryland in the USA and currently studying at LIPA.

He has an excellent soulful voice, reminding me of the likes of Leon Bridges.  He has previously supported the likes of Laura Mvula, Martha Reeves and Lauryn Hill at the Montreal Jazz Festival, and he went down well  with tonight’s audience.

All in all, well worth heading out on a Sunday night for!



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