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Jake Marley’s Track Of The Week: YONAKA – Creature

Jake Marley’s Track Of The Week: YONAKA – Creature

This was an easy one. This week’s Urbanista track of week is a belter – Creature the second release from your new favourite band, YONAKA’s new EP of the same name out Nov 16.

It’s an absolutely huge venue-filling cut from a band that seemingly make nothing but phenomenal, infectious bangers. Groovy basslines, fizzing, infectious guitars and assured, emphatic delivery from outstanding frontwoman Theresa Jarvis is the norm but it’s turned up to the max here.

As the likes of gigantic tune All Fired Up and the lead release from Creature – Own Worst Enemy already proved, this is a band on top form, sounding bigger and bigger with every new release that hits our ears. They’re in for a big end to the year and are an absolute must for festival bookers come summer.

They’re red-hot. Creature is already setting up home comfortably on Radio 1 and Radio X playlists and rightly so. This sound, this band and this tune belong on the radio.

YONAKA’s new EP Creature is out Nov 16 – you can pre-order and listen to it here.

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