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Jake Marley’s Track Of The Week: Alexandra Savior – Howl

Jake Marley’s Track Of The Week: Alexandra Savior – Howl

Alexandra Savior is well and truly back baby and it’s glorious. Her sophomore record The Archer is on the way – due Jan 10th on Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records.

On the follow-up to Belladonna Of Sadness Savior worked with producer Sam Cohen and they’ve clearly had fun playing around with her sound and creating a record that oozes the eeriness and moodiness of her debut whilst feeling fresh, free and expansive. Savior is very much in control here.

Steely swoon: Alexandra Savior is very much in control on new album The Archer (Credit: Dana Trippe)

Latest single Howl – the fourth release from the new LP – is a fantastic reflection of that, synths drone persistently alongside a slinky, now Savior-esque bassline; equal parts groovy and moody. Majestic.

She has the striking ability to both hypnotise and terrorize you with her vocal delivery – both swooning velvet and steely cold with her clever wordplay. Savior has found her voice and established her independence here. This is her record and we’re blessed to be living in it.

The Archer is out January 10th on 30th Century Records.

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