Brittneyann, a multi-instrumentalist performer, songwriter, and musician hailing from New Jersey, has captivated listeners once again with her latest single, “Friends Lovers Enemies”. Infused with elements of RnB, Bedroompop, and Bossa Nova, this single a blend of sultry and nostalgic vibes that make for easy listening, drawing listeners into a warm and welcoming soundscape. We catch up with Brittneyann after this incredible single release… 

Hey Brittneyann, how are you? We absolutely love ‘Friends Lovers Enemies’ here at Urbanista! It’s so great to talk to you! 

Well, thank you for having me! It’s an honor.

Your latest single, ‘Friends Lovers Enemies,’ blends R&B, Bedroompop, and Bossa Nova influences. What inspired you to merge these genres, and how do they reflect your musical journey?

The original acoustic guitar part I wrote for it, was strictly bossa-nova, and as we sat down to produce the rest, I wanted it to hit harder. R&B drums really intensified it, and the long, legato pads in the background add the element of Bedroom Pop. It seemed like the perfect storm to take the song to a totally new level.

Growing up in a culturally rich household with Belizean and Italian influences, how has your heritage shaped your approach to music and storytelling?

My heritage has shaped my fundamental roots as an artist, fully. There was a time when I tried to run away from it, in an attempt to find myself. It’s part of the identity crisis all mixed people go through haha, but I realized I can be myself, and like what I like, and simultaneously draw experience from my childhood, and my family’s history. To honor it, and pay tribute to my ancestors. There is such a rich history there, and as an artist, my way of honoring them is to tell their stories through songs.

You’ve had a diverse career from ‘Sesame Street’ to starring in Off-Broadway productions. How has your background in acting influenced your musical style and stage presence?

From as young as I can remember, I’ve been thrown in front of a camera to show off my personality. While that comes with its own bits of trauma, it’s taught me how to be scared and do it anyway. I’m truly not afraid to fail in front of people, because at least I made a choice to try.

Could you share more about your creative process behind ‘Friends Lovers Enemies’? How did you translate personal experiences into such a compelling musical narrative?

This sounds so clichè to say, but I’m always writing music, all the time. I can never shut my brain off and tend to think in repetitive phrases or melodies. At first, the hook “friends to lovers to enemies,” repeated in my head and I was like damn, this is smooth. So for a full day, that was repeating in my head nonstop until I sat down at the piano and explored it. Some songs just kind of write themselves, and like a snowball effect, the whole song is finished.

The theme of unspoken love and friendship dynamics is central to ‘Friends Lovers Enemies.’ How do you navigate these complex emotions in your songwriting, and what do you hope listeners take away from the track?

The best way I navigate my emotions in music is by letting them fly free like little monsters escaping from a cage. Music is the one place it’s safe to do that, besides a rage room. The song wouldn’t be half as good if there wasn’t this sense of imminent urgency, because it’s an amalgamation of all the things I’ve ever felt in this situation. Hence the 3rd line “this might be the death of me.” All I hope the listener takes away from it is whatever they need at that time.

Who are the biggest influences on your sound?

It’s ever changing and evolving but right now, Doja Cat, Deftones, Yebba, and Bob Marley.

If you could create a playlist with three of your songs and three songs from your biggest influences, what would you pick?

  • “Friends Lovers Enemies”, “Nicky Boy”, “Keep my Eyes Up”
  • “All I Ever Wanted”- Yebba, “Need to know”- Doja Cat, “Cherry Waves”- Deftones

When you’re not making music, what do you love to do to unwind and stay inspired? Any favourite hobbies or guilty pleasures?

Rock Climbing is one of my favorite things to do, especially Top Rope. There’s something about the mind and body connection that translates into real- life situations, and how to break things down and think clearer.

Looking back at your time in the industry, what’s been the most unexpected lesson or piece of advice that’s stuck with you?

I had the honor of working with a prevalent songwriter/ producer Heather Holley, when I was 13. She taught me a lot through that time but the one thing I say to myself every time I’m writing is, “Emotion is everything”. She’s right. All the other stuff is kind of like setting the tone, preparing the listener for the raw emotion to come. If I’m stumped on words, a lot of the time I just self-reflect and ask myself what the heck am I actually trying to say here? There’s almost always some raw emotion at the bottom, and I just needed to find it.

Thanks so much for talking to us, Brittneyann! 

Listen to Friends Lovers Enemies on SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC 

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