Bearded theory with a 4 year old – Day 2

So, second day in and we could get used to this, though it’s going way too quickly!

Weather was perfect, what a difference a bit of sun can make! When it rains at the start of a festival you do worry that it might rain all weekend.

I was told the woodland area is amazing and they weren’t wrong, really nice area like the glade at Glastonbury only better! The wee one enjoyed having a go of the hammocks!

After a go on the bouncy castle and slide we headed down to the kids field. Whilst it’s not quite as big as the one at Glastonbury there is plenty there to keep kids of all ages entertained! He particularly enjoyed the messy play area, the sand pit and Lego.

On the music side, I can see why Idles have been making a stir lately, great band!

Fun lovin’ criminals were on fine form, and had the crowd swaying along.

Sleaford Mods I must admit I still don’t get, though to be fair I went to meet the missus and wee one in another part of the site after the 3 songs.

One of the guys was wandering around back stage, and someone must have been asking who he was, “well he doesn’t look much like a mod!”

Robert Plant had a closed pit, there was the opportunity to photograph from the disabled platform. But as I was packing light I didn’t have a long enough lens with me, and after 3 trips to the pit I quite enjoyed sitting on our chairs at the back with a glass of wine whilst the wee one slept happily in his bike trailer.

The bike trailer has proved to be a fab purchase, it was only cheap out of Aldi but it’s well made and gives him room to curl up with pillows and blankets, plus space at the back for carting stuff around.

As for Robert Plant, he didn’t seem to go down very well, with the audience noticeably emptying out by the end of his set.

Some on Facebook sited the fact the magic sounds tent was playing drum and bass too loud, and you could certainly hear that where we were sitting, but I think the bigger problem was that he played a set that would go down well with his fans at his own gig, but at a festival people were probably looking for led zeppelin hits. He did finish with whole lotta love (or TOTP theme tune to us oldies!) but too little too late.

Not that people seemed to mind, you don’t go to a festival like bearded just for the headliners,

Fancied seeing therapy? And eat static but after a full on day we got something to eat and headed back to the tent, with talk already of coming back next year!

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