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Aydoe Soul hits the conscious collective hard with new album Indesoul

Aydoe Soul hits the conscious collective hard with new album Indesoul

Aydoe Soul is an artist and producer from Wavertree, Liverpool. He started making music inspired by his older brother when he was around 13, and just for fun, the early music he wrote focuses on life on the streets and introduced his concept and clothes line “living outside the system or Love on the Streets – LOTS”

Through a spiritual awakening  in 2012 that breathed new life into Aydoe’s creativity, he began to write more conscious music with an even deeper understanding into the spiritual aspect of life, with references to matrix living and his new baby, as well as political and high vibrational messages featuring across various tunes.

At 24, Aydoe started to learn guitar in order to add another aspect to his repertoire. Aydoe told Urbanista recently:

“My ultimate goal is to put my level of consciousness and understanding through my music to raise the vibration of the listener to that level and make a positive impact on the world”

The latest Aydoe Soul album, Indesoul is written, produced, edited and mastered by Aydoe himself. Geniene Azalea analyses a selection of Indesoul’s tunes…..

High Pitch – catchy, uptempo tune about Aydoe’s experience with gold digging females, guaranteed to get your foot tapping 

“She don’t like the money singing low, she likes it high pitch”

Mystic Song – My personal favourite, true to his word Aydoe really does make mystic songs. Very clever references to political situations, demonic forces, and consciousness. Definitely didn’t pitch this one wrong.

“I’ve seen more soul in mannequins, than most man in my ends, that’s why I don’t have many friends” 

Baby Weapon – sad song about the artists ex denying him access to his baby pip. Referals to narcissist, abusive relationship, a heartfelt song clearly made through the anger of being denied parental access.

 “I gave you my strength and I showed you my weakness, i dont believe this. You used my weakness against me, but powered by the pain, imma raise again, it’s ok”

Here for a minute – proper timeless love song, spiritual and deep, referring once again to our souls being timeless. Reaffirming his ability to achieve a truly eclectic album with various styles of music coming together. 

“You were only here for a minute, but you stay forever in my soul. Made me feel in the spirit, and now i’m never letting go” – gorgeous melody.

Fool –  A raw account of experience with infidelity in a relationship, passionate and powerful, the artist has a unique ability to make the listener turn on empathy. 

Recurring dream – both dreams and real life experiences meet when artist finds himself in a position were history is repeating as well as his recurring dream about falling, referring to himself being in the hooks of a narcissistic relationships.

Aydoe refers to matrix life amongst the sleeping souls, ET’s, as well as the pain of being in an abusive relationship, bringing his girls up and his life expresion. That’s true spiritual devotion and following your dharma. 

Adding to my faves on spotify without doubt, download it FREE here

Aydoe Soul on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AydoeMusic

Instagram www.instagram.com/aydoesoul

Oh by the way, there is a huge back collection on YouTube complete with proper boss videos. You’re welcome.

Check out Mystic Song below.

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