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This Feeling: EBGBs Liverpool with Trampolene, Himalayas & The Racket

This Feeling: EBGBs Liverpool with Trampolene, Himalayas & The Racket

Swansea-born Trampolene offered a voracious performance to an intimate crowd at Liverpool’s EBGBS. The atmosphere intensified by the basement venue’s brick-tunnelled ceiling. Himalayas and The Racket supported and were both brilliant.

I caught up with frontman Jack Jones as he chatted outside the gig to fellow band members. Jones simply said, “I love playing in Liverpool, the night is always mental.”

It’s only right to say that the three-piece, who have previously supported the likes of Liam Gallagher and The Libertines, were fairly mental themselves.

Fans were engaged from the start, most of the listeners being devoted patrons singing along to all the words.
Jones described this as, “really humbling.

“Everyone just sings with their heart on their sleeve, it has made a real difference.”

The dynamic live-rendition of ‘Alcohol Kiss’ was reminiscent of times when Britpop ruled the scene, those in attendance roaring all along the way. Spoken word favourites ‘Ketamine’ and ‘Pound Land’ placed the audience into an almost trance-state, seemingly hanging from every verse. ‘Beautiful Pain’ was executed particularly well, highlighting Trampolene’s ability to keep the room bursting with enthusiasm even through slower paced tracks.

After finishing their set Jones paid tribute to attendees, “I f***ing love each single one of you with all my heart, thank you so much.”


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