**PREMIERE** Listen To Barney Goodall’s Brand New Track – Higher than Midnight **HERE**

**PREMIERE** Listen To Barney Goodall’s Brand New Track – Higher than Midnight **HERE**

Urbanista Magazine are thrilled to bring you the premiere of Higher than Midnight from Barney Goodall:

Higher than Midnight is the new single from Barney Goodall. A piece of dreamy, nostalgic pop-rock, it feels like a slight change in sound for the Liverpool-based artist.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this is a song where all is well. Its warm, drone-like bass, comforting harmonies and lyrics like ‘Nothing is wrong, nothing at all’ certainly suggest it. But there’s an unavoidable tinge of melancholy to the track. The guitar is plaintive. The bass slides into momentary discord as the verse returns. The singer asks, ‘What’s it all for?’

This is a song about drifting, about wondering where you are in life. As the bridge ends, the singer is so wrapped up in memory that all else is forgotten. There’s no going back. But the song ends with expansive harmonies and warm chords, so perhaps this is the right place to be.

Higher than Midnight is out on Sunday 8th December 2019. Find it on iTunes and all major music streaming platforms.

About the artist:

Barney Goodall is an alternative pop-rock musician drawing on a wide array of musical influences. He brings these together to combine soulful pop with dreamy synths, dance-infused forays with eerie piano motifs. Expect to laugh, cry, dance and repeat amid peaks, troughs and spine-tingling harmonies. Performing with a band of some of Liverpool’s finest musicians, you can find his music on all major streaming platforms.

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