Midge Ure – 1980 Tour – Liverpool Philharmonic

Midge Ure – 1980 Tour – Liverpool Philharmonic

Some concerts hardly need a review – you know they are going to be top-notch!

Midge Ure has got the songs, the performing experience and the personality to put on a dazzling show.

Liverpool’s philharmonic you know has wonderful acoustics, superb sound system, and great lighting.

So it’s not exactly a surprise that tonight was a resounding success!

First up were Dublin’s Tiny Magnetic Pets. who played an impressive set, best summed up by Boy George: ” It’s The Velvet Underground meets Laurie Anderson but it all leads back to Kraftwerk”.

Chris Payne from Gary Numan’s band said of them:
“Tiny Magnetic Pets are truly amongst the finest electronic bands to have emerged over recent years. Their new album emphasises their deserved respect in this field. Brilliant combinations of retro synth sounds with great songs and production and the female vocals compliment their sound impeccably. Also a cameo performance from the legendary Kraftwerk musician Wolfgang Flur obviously endorses the respect that he has for them. I get a fair amount of requests to write and produce for bands and certainly if I was asked, the Pets would be top of the list.”

High praise indeed!

Tonight Midge Ure and his band were performing songs from “Vienna” and “Visage”.

Before playing “Fade to Grey” he told the audience about how he had nightmares before the tour started. He said first he realised that only half the audience wanted to be there, the other half had been dragged there by their significant others. And that of the half who wanted to be there, they only knew 2 songs, here’s the first.

After Vienna, he said “that was the other” to a big applause from the audience.

Looking at the audience dancing to “Dancing with tears in my eyes” during the encore, I would say that nobody was dragged there and everybody was having a damned good time (and they knew at least 3 songs!).

A great band with great songs at a great venue is the recipie for a great night, and I doubt anybody could leave disappointed tonight.

First class!

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John King


    Would have been an amazing gig if not for the endless people getting up to visit the toilets. Bloody annoying in fact. Can’t people hold it for an hour or so? Or go at the interval? Oh and the sound quality wasn’t that great sitting in the rear circle.

    I was there and Midge was amazing! In answer to Dawn, I was in the same seating area and thought that the sound was perfect, although I agree that some of Midge’s fans have weak bladders, perhaps brought on by his spectacular delivery of Vienna.
    I closed my eyes and was transported back to the 80s. Midge rocks!!!!

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