Alias Kid are back with a brand-new single and live dates.

Written during lockdown last year, ‘Out With The Boys‘ was written by Alias Kid’s songwriters, Maz and Sean as they dreamt of normality and a night on the town.

The new rock ‘n’ roll single is fun, energetic and has a similar sound to Oasis.

“It just came from being locked up and wanting to get back out in the world to have a bit of fun” reflects Maz.

“At the time there was just nowhere to go and people were crawling up the walls stuck in their houses.

“Dreaming of being free I suppose.”


The lads worked on ‘Out With The Boys’ remotely, via WhatsApp and Zoom until the finished version was recorded at Big City Jack’s and produced by Alias Kid’s new lead guitarist Tony Long.

Reconnecting with long-term supporter Alan McGee this year, ‘Out With The Boys‘ is the first release on his new music label, It’s Creation Baby, although they had been signed to his label, the Cherry Red/359 since 2015.

Earning supporting tours with the likes of Black Grape and Happy Mondays, Alias Kid quickly established themselves as a live act to be reckoned with, setting them up for a headline tour of their own.

The band are ready with a collection of new songs and are planning to release them over the coming months via It’s Creation Baby.


December 4th – Mancunia Festival, Stalybridge, Manchester
February 3rd – XS Manchester Radio gig, Manchester

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