Following the release of his new song ‘No Reason’ after a 2-year break, Manny Walters answered a few questions for us to know him better.

What does your writing process look like?

A lot of my process is illuminated with daily routines that keep me in touch with myself. Reading,
writing, meditations and exercise all enhance my process. I get momentum through journalling
and self reflections that help me flesh out lyrical themes that resonate with my truths. Sonically I
also like to curate my life sound track with music that inspires and moves me everyday- this
keeps me energized with aesthetics I love and melodic inspiration- that often comes from
different sources/styles.
Through routined playing , I work on progressions and riffs on guitar I like, record them and write
vocal melodies to my recordings. These melodies are usually in the stream of consciousness
form. From there I cut out the best ideas and start to formulate the songs. Once I have
melodies I’m connected with, I start to review theme notes and pen lyrics that work within those
melodic structures until I have my core composition. When working on creating riffs, beats and
samples with a producer, I reference my sonic aesthetic inspirations -but my melody and lyric
writing fundamentals remain core to the song’s formation.
How do you get into the mood to write a song?
I’m not sure I have mood generating processes per se- my best work comes from being in touch
with my feelings and self and then connecting/ responding to the feelings my progressions/beats
give me. From here it becomes easier to explore my truths, learnings and vulnerabilities through
my melodic medium and expression vessel.
If you could choose one album to accompany you on a desert island, which would it be?
Probably my favorite MJ album – Off The Wall.
Strong funk r&b /disco energy to enhance the quiet island down time. But also, ballads to keep
us reflective, romantic and centered. I feel like the record is good combination of nostalgia and
sunlight to me, that would coincide well with desert island life.
Do you sing in the shower?
Home based singing has been a massive part of my development and musicality 🙂
What’s your guiding philosophy in life?
Keeping perspective and recognizing the blessing of this existence.
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