Glastonbury with a 3 year old – day 2

Thursday is often my favourite day at Glastonbury. Wednesday is all about getting here, setting up and recovering.  Friday to Sunday the main stages are active, so it’s nice to have a whole day to wander around without the distraction of bands you want to see.

The day got off to a cracking start as we properly met our tent neighbours. On one side there is an elderly couple who first came in 1971, continued through the 70s and 80s, came back for Springsteen and back this year. 

In front of us we’re privileged to have the king of Glastonbury! He’s been to every one since 1984 and a couple of years ago a journalist did a story on him titled King of Glastonbury and the name stuck. He even wears a cardboard crown on his hat!

He says to keep an eye out for tom jones because he always looks in on him! I think he’s exaggerating but who knows!

It was much later in the day I thought it might be an idea to get a photo of him for the blog. Lo and behold I spotted him in the theatre and caberet area, and he was happy to pose! 

It’s always fun to make plans at Glastonbury, but very often they don’t come off for one reason or another, yet you always end up doing something at least as good!

My camping group were having their 10th birthday party at 2pm which sounded plausible and being themed on kids birthday parties we thought the little one would like it.

We got to the general area about 3pm, but getting to their gazebo past tightly packed tents juggling a 3 year old, pushchair, chairs and rucksacks was never going to be easy.

Reluctantly we gave up. But whilst walking through the glade area the wee one spotted a balcony of the funky little treehouse cocktail bar! He had a dance to Amber collective and mum and dad had a nice cocktail! Everyone was happy!

Later on when he fell asleep we thought about trying to see the smyths from outside Williams green, but even outside there were massive crowds so we headed towards theatre area and watched some of the entertainment.

We got talking to a woman from stoke who’s travelled the world and lead an interesting life! 

She described Glastonbury as 175000 people determined to enjoy themselves despite adversity! 

Quite a good description! Often in our lives we focus on the things that make us miserable rather than the stuff that makes us happy.

You could spend the day thinking about the toilets (actually some aren’t bad if you look around) or you could look for things that make you smile, and they are around every corner here!

We finished the night at the brothers bar! I used to look forward to my pear cider all year, but of course you can buy it anywhere now so lost its novelty factor, but they always have top cheesy tunes on leading to a party atmosphere! Our little one was certainly tapping his foot! 

A nice end to a great day! 

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