We arrived at ‘Get Your Rocks Off’ not knowing exactly what to expect. Other than a celebration of rock music we weren’t certain what we were in for.

We arrived a little late to the party and I guess that’s the best way to explain this night. There wasn’t a covers band belting out classics from The Stones to Sabbath or Iron Maiden to Metallica.
Instead two fellas dressed in rocky fancy dress led the audience song by song DJing tracks  from 1969 to 2023, with a few pauses in between for crowd participation.
The first of these we watched was a rock dance off, rather them than me onstage for that one.

Later an opportunity for some actual live music, a very talented guitarist came out to play along, soloing over certain tracks including GnR’s classic Sweet Child of Mine.

Later she would take to the stage again to tease a few riffs for the audience to work out before hitting play on the track.

As the night drew on and we passed through 90s classics from Nirvana and Green Day, into the noughties with Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance. Once we moved into the 2010s and 2020s I didn’t really know any of the tracks but plenty there did.

Overall, as stated, it wasn’t quite the night we expected, but if you want a night out that celebrates rock music then you might just enjoy this one.

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