Wow to the world that is BOOMTOWN and all its bizarreness.

Having been out of the festival game for a good few years now, I had all but packed away my wellies and retired as an old girl, but when I got the call to go and review the creative genius that is boomtown, i knew i would have to fish out my ole fezzie gear and get stuck right in.

Luckily, just one week before I received the invite to Winchester, a friend of mine who borrowed a tent from me, oh about 5 years ago, returned it…coincidence much?

Finally got my tent up

Boomtown has grown from one main stage and a crowd of 1000 people in 2008, to the epic theatrical performance it is today, serving up creative delights to it’s 60’000 revellers..

Boomtown Fair is a world, within a world. 2018 saw the crew bring in the theme ‘This machine cannot be stopped’  – Held on a private estate in Winchester, the fantastic festival seems to be going from strength to strength.

The sold out show began for us on Friday evening, after a beautiful (but long) drive from Liverpool, through the stunning scenery of the Cotswolds, myself and my mate Sam arrived at 10 minutes to 10pm meaning we had to run right in before the gates closed for the evening, no queues, no messing! We were given a £100 bar tab and a crew pass to where we could pitch our tent. But for night one, it was a kip in car for us.

My mate Sam living her best life

As soon as we entered the magical world of Boomtown me and my girl knew we were in for a treat. An assault on the senses, we discovered that the festival was laid out in sections, or districts, 11 of them no less!

Whether its reggae, jungle, disco, ska, techno or trance that floats your proverbial music boat there really is a delight for all to get dancing. A sprawling estate makes for miles of wandering, and as there is so much to see, its’ impossible to get bored, or even stay in one area for longer than a short time.

With headliners such as Gorillaz, De la Soul, Enter Shikari, Jimmy Cliff, Morcheeba and the Stereo Mc’s – all of which I love, and none of which I saw, just shows you how much other entertainment is going on.

“So great to see such an enthusiastic bunch of festival revellers at probably the best festival i’ve ever experienced. Congratulations independent creators of BOOMTOWN”

What you can expect at Boomtown:

Expect an immersive theatrical performance, expect great acts, fabulous food and drinks, mayhem and magnificence, as well as thousands of people dressed like nutters. Absolutely not to be missed…..

Boomtown you have our heart.

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