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Album Review: Pip Blom – Boat

Album Review: Pip Blom – Boat

Pip Blom
Release date: 31 May 2019
Label: Heavenly Recordings

A captivating debut to adore from Dutch indie dreamers to believe in. 9/10

Pip Blom’s songs have always had that endlessly listenable vibe – right from day one. Every EP, every single as raw as the one before. That’s them, it works, it’s great.

So as their debut full-length starts up, the worry was – will that beautiful rawness be lost? Not a chance. Pip Blom have nailed it and it’s wonderful.

This is a masterclass in how to not overcook an album in the studio. All the energy, excitement and intimacy of their early demos, EPs and phenomenal live performances remains; as rough, rowdy and angsty as ever. Keeping all that and translating it into an accomplished debut record is not easy but on Boat, Pip Blom have done it, with bells on.

Lead single Daddy Issues kicks things off and is about as “Pip Blom” as it gets. A blistering power-chord fist of defiance that collectively with Don’t Make It Difficult, starts the album off in a fuzz-filled frenzy.

This is guitar music at its most robust, athemic and charming – in equal measure. At 3 and 4 on the record – Say It and Tired are great examples. They each ooze a bit of everything from the Pip Blom moodboard and offer up two of Boat’s notable chorus earworms.

Bedhead is just lovely and effortessly shows off the other, more reflective and laid back side of Pip Blom. Lush melancholic guitar licks and a gentle more spoken word like approach to Pip’s vocal delivery. Still oozing that infectious rhythm that comes so easy to these Dutch indie dreamers.

Pip Blom: A band to believe in

Tinfoil is certainly the yin to the yang of many of Boat’s other parts – a dark more post-punk-ish slow burner with looping rusty guitar rumbles over distorted vocals. Ruby and Set Of Stairs are certain live favourites (although most of this album will erupt live, no doubt about it.)

On Boat, Pip Blom’s heart and soul is very much intact. Their heart-on-your-sleeve approach is in full effect and they’re as honest, powerful and infectious as ever. A captivating debut to adore from a band of dutch indie dreamers to believe in.

Boat is released on 31 May 2019 via Heavenly Recordings.

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