‘Vacation’ is the latest addition to Theresa’s vibrant sound. It’s an upbeat, fun, and infectiously vibrant energetic bop that evokes the lively spirit of a Madonna soundtrack. The song’s infectious beat, catchy melody, and unwaveringly optimistic lyrics make it the perfect soundtrack as Summer rolls in. We catch up with Theresa after the sensational single release…

Theresa, it’s an honour! We’ve had our eye on you now for some time and have seen your growth as an artist. First and foremost, this IS the evolution of a lady, and for that you are inspiring. Is it your goal to be inspiring?

It’s definitely one of my goals to inspire other people to follow their dreams.  As we get older and/or have more and more obstacles stand in our way of what we set out to do, I want to be someone who proves that hard work and dedication pay off…and yes, it’s normal to have setbacks and bad days…we just need to keep moving forward as positive as possible.

So you work a badass day job, how do you find time to do music too?

I have to say, I do wish there were more hours in the day to check off all the items on my to-do list!  I try to start my days super early so I can meditate, work out, and get some of my “Theresa” work out of the way.  I find I am most creative in the mornings too so I try to create some space just in case a new melody or lyrical idea comes to me.  It’s a really tough balance trying to find the time to concentrate on my music, especially since my day job is so demanding.  When the weekend rolls around, I am exhausted but there are things that I WANT to do so I have to outweigh doing them vs not.  But I always feel good once I walk away from working on a song or sketching out plans for a show or social posts, etc. I aim to feel accomplished!

Where’s your favorite spot to perform live?

I do love the stage at Sleepwalk in Williamsburg.  It’s an intimate space but feels super special.  The lights and the energy there are awesome.  I am actually in the midst of firming up a show there this fall and can’t wait to return!

We love Theresa Tuesdays over on socials – you’re great at opening up with your listeners and viewers – is this something that comes naturally?

Absolutely, I really enjoy sharing what I am going through.  All the ups and downs really make me who I am as a woman and artist.  I really want people to know that not everything is perfect on the journey as we follow our dreams.  We need to feel what we are feeling! But on the other hand, if I am feeling confident and excited, I want people to know that too! Again, it’s all about balance and recognizing how we are right where we need to be at any given moment.

Your latest release is ‘Vacation’ – so where’s your favorite place to go on vacation?

Ahh, I am actually answering these questions from Cazenovia, NY, where I vacation for 10 days every Summer with my family.  It’s super chill and relaxing. The birds are literally singing to me right now as I take in the fresh air! However, when I need an escape from reality, Playa Mujeres, Mexico is my favorite place.  My husband and I love the Beloved resort.  It’s super peaceful and I can really reset there. It’s where I started writing “Vacation” too.  It’s just a really wonderful place.

Have you ever visited the UK? When can we expect a gig from you?

I’ve been to London once wayyyyyy back.  I think it’s time I plan a trip back!  I’ll put it on the to-do list for 2025 unless an opportunity presents itself sooner. 💥💥

Thanks for talking to us Theresa! 


Listen to Vacation Here



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