We chat to international old skool DJ Seb Fontaine

We chat to international old skool DJ Seb Fontaine

Seb Fontaine is a UK International DJ, whilst he isn’t spinning on the decks he is a homely family man who I had the pleasure of chatting to recently from everything music to random quick fire questions.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the read! 

Seb, it’s so nice to talk to you, I have to ask first about your unusual name.. 


Ok so my father is french and my actual full name is Jean Sebastian Fontaine.

When I was in high school people would make fun of my name and say I had a girls name so I just dropped the jean and used Seb.

What was the first thing you heard that sparked your music interest?  

At around 15 years old I was into my Hip-hop, funk and electro.

I started playing in back room raves around 1988 and then would venture into the big rooms to watch the headliners and a pivotal moment for me was hearing “A guy called Gerald- Voodoo Ray”, and watching the crowd react to it, i knew then that I wanted to be that Dj that played in the big room. 

As a long standing DJ over the years tell me some positive and negative changes you have faced and how it has affected your style over time. 

For me technology is the answer to both.

I love embracing new technology, however the other side is the memory of going to record shops and searching for a rare vinyl which has now passed as everything is online so you don’t get that same buzz anymore, but with technology advancing its great as I have more creativity at my fingertips.

So it’s a case of my style hasn’t changed but the way i do things has. 

So the burning question, tell me who your fav dj’s are past and present. 

Well of course I’ve already mentioned Norman Jay as my inspirational dj , I just love that man, he did so much for music, the guys is an OBE legend and just so fucking cool.

But as for now I would say Camelphat and Eats Eveything- I think they are both just hot at the moment, so fresh and new and those guys just get it perfect! 

So Seb let’s get personal, looking through your Instagram I can see you are a great family man, howeverthe star of the show is your Puggle Poppy….

She is actually next to me a we speak!

Yeah she is great, it’s nice to come home after an event 4am in the morning and she comes down the stairs tail wagging when I walk through the door. 

Moving along, let’s talk Reminisce, are you bringing us house, trance, techno or bit of a mix this year?

It will be mainly house, will prob have a cult classic thrown in. 

To be honest I’m really looking forward to it , even though there is a load of old heads, there is also a load of the younger generation so I’m looking forward to playing to them. 

Thanks Seb for taking the time to chat, however before you go I’d like to ask you some random questions- first answer only and quick fire… you ready?! 

Yeah let’s go for it! 

Who parties the hardest northerners or southerners?

Oooh that’s a tough one! You know what I honestly can’t split the two and that’s not me sitting on the fence!

What would be your first purchase if you won the lottery? 

Lord I don’t know, you know what I’m not a materialistic person at all- it’s the saying money doesn’t buy you happiness!

Actually what i would do is put a deposit down on flats for the youngsters as I worry about the housing and younger generation now.

If you could eat one food forever what would it be? 

Ooooh have to go with a hot curry!

What was the last text you sent?

Oh let me look, ha yes it was to my son moaning at him because he put a banana skin in the recycling bin even though I’ve told many times not to! 

What is the happiest event in your life.

It’s gotta be when the kids were born and on a career level getting my Radio One and Creamfields residency’s. 

Do you have any phobia’s Seb?

Yes sharks!! I will avoid the sea! 

However I sit there on YouTube and get engrossed for hours watching them, i love them but I’m scared of them. 

It’s all I think about when I’m in the sea and I’m talking even the likes of Brighton!

What is something your terrible at?

Looking for things… my Missus always ask me if i “man look”, as she finds things instantly where I don’t, so we call it man looking in our house as apparently I don’t look properly. 

What’s your phone screensaver?

You know what it’s just a nice colour purple, I’m a bit OCD so I like a nice clean screen! 

And finally do you know any good jokes!

Haha no I famously ruin jokes and people have to save me half way through, unless I’m really drunk and then I’m brilliant! 

Big thanks to Seb again and watch this space for part 2 when I go backstage at Reminisce to meet the man himself ✌️

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