Wildlife conservation with Carly Gamrasni Åhlén

Wildlife conservation with Carly Gamrasni Åhlén

Carly Gamrasni Åhlén is an Animal Philanthropist, entrepreneur and Family business owner of Åhléns (Swedish department empire). She spoke at the conference last week held now in its third year about her non profit organisation Gabo which works in conservation and wildlife. 

The conference looked to bring together civil society groups involved in animal welfare, wildlife and environmental conservation, NGOs, government officials and government affiliated institutions, academics, researchers, media, policy makers, legal practitioners, community members, interest groups, development practitioners and relevant stakeholders.

This year’s theme was “Animals, Environment and Sustainable Development in 21st Century Africa: An Interlinked Approach.” The conference focused on the role of animals towards livelihoods’ support systems and attainment of sustainable development, and the leverage that better animal welfare will offer as a factor in sustainable development. It is envisioned that the discussions emanating from the sessions will centre around the connection of animals to overall socio-economic development in Africa and point out the unused and perhaps unstated potential that can be harnessed from animals to make them a core element in the development agenda of the continent while at the same time taking cognisant of their well-being. This will be expected to spiral into greater interest and investment in improving Animal Welfare in Africa, and consequently human and environmental health will be realised as a key benefit in the inter-connection from the previous conference.

A recent census showed a 30 per cent decline in the Savannah elephant population over seven years, and new data released by wildlife monitor TRAFFIC on Saturday showed a “rising trend in large raw ivory shipments”.

TRAFFIC’s executive director Steven Broad said the new data showed governments needed “to redouble their efforts to bring the illegal ivory trade firmly under control”.

Carly Gamrasni Åhlén, founder and owner of Gabo delegated to the talks, described the data as “extremely worrying”.

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