What is Multi-Channel Marketing? | Maropost

What is Multi-Channel Marketing? | Maropost

Meta-description: In order to win against the competition, businesses across all industries are employing multi-channel marketing strategies. A form of marketing that targets potential customers and audiences across all relevant channels: email, web, social media, and more.

There are plenty of benefits to participating in multi-channel marketing strategies and campaigns. In fact, according to some of the more recent multi-channel marketing statistics, businesses that apply multi-channel marketing strategies into their processes see at least a 91% increase in customer retention.

Consumers have also been known to spend more (at least 13% more) when businesses provide them with a multi-channel experience, as it gives them more chances to connect with the brand in a way that is meaningful to them.

Multi-channel marketing has also been proven to increase a customer’s lifetime value (up to 30%!) and has the added benefit of increasing customer satisfaction rates (up to 23x!)

With all those numbers in mind, it’s not surprising that multi-channel marketing has become so important, but how exactly does it work? More on this below:

Multi-Channel Marketing 101

Multi-Channel Marketing describes the practice of engaging with one’s customers through a variety of direct and indirect communication channels. That includes email marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, retail marketing, and more.

If done correctly, multi-channel marketing should do the following:

  1. Provide customers with more choices regarding their preferred channels
  2. Prompt customers to take action through their channel of choice
  3. Enhance customer experience across all channels

How to Succeed at Multi-Channel Marketing?

In order to succeed in multi-channel marketing, choice is the ultimate deciding factor.

Customers have more choices than ever. And, they demand that brands offer even more. Of course, it is up to businesses to become that choice. Which is where multichannel marketing comes in. Multi-channel marketing is an ideal based on just that — choices.

If you want to succeed, then you must be able to reach your customers through a wide variety of methods and a wide variety of channels. You must be able to go where they are and connect with them meaningfully through those channels. Possible only by:

  • Laying the foundations for a multi-channel marketing platform
  • Establishing consistent and satisfactory customer experiences across channels
  • Unifying cross-channel engagement and simplifying the data meaningfully

Some businesses prefer to do this all manually, by hiring a marketing team that is capable of carefully curating engagements on all sides.

However, there are also plenty of available marketing tools and platforms that you can choose from: Maropost (for cross-channel marketing), MailChimp (for email marketing), Hootsuite (for social media marketing), LeadBot (chatbot software for website marketing.) Although, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive multi-channel marketing solution, then multi-channel marketing platform service providers, like Maropost, is definitely the best option for you:

Maropost | Multi-Channel Marketing Platform

Businesses who would like a simple unified customer engagement solution should look into multi-channel marketing platforms. Or rather, marketing automation platforms, that offer cross-channel marketing support.

You can think of these tools or platforms as a one-stop-shop for all things marketing automation. With most of them fitted with lead management and lead nurturing tools to provide a single view of a customer’s entire journey across all channels: from email, mobile, social, web, and more.

A good example of one of these marketing platforms is Maropost; a marketing automation platform best-known for unifying multi-channel engagement and simplifying it into a 360 view of a customer’s entire journey.

With a platform like Maropost, a business can create complex ‘customer journeys’ quite easily — within minutes, even — that can be set up to prompt action from their customers through their customer’s preferred channel of choice. It can also be used to enhance their customer’s experience across all channels: with personalized messages and reliable tools for email, web, social, and mobile marketing.

Final Thoughts: What Is Multi-Channel Marketing?

In conclusion, multi-channel marketing is a customer engagement strategy that unifies engagement across all channels. Whether it be on social media, through emails, through websites, through calls & text messages, and so much more.

This type of marketing strategy has been known to significantly increase customer conversions, increase customer retention rates, and encourage. Making it a must for all businesses who want to win against their competition in present-day industries.


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