Top 7 Effects Of Parfums That Keep You Going Throughout The Week

Top 7 Effects Of Parfums That Keep You Going Throughout The Week

Parfums are the extracts of flowers or medicinal plants that create a positive impact on our senses and psyche. These are developed by in-depth research on how smells can stimulate our mind and align our body’s energy to make it more receptive of the positive vibes. Often it happens that we feel drained out mentally one day or tend to procrastinate on the other. The life energy experts call it an impact of the heavenly bodies and their movements. They further state that with the help of parfums, one can strike a balance or have high energy levels. 

But, what is in these parfums that make them effective for healing purposes? The secret lies in the ingredients. Here are some of the ingredients of parfums that create a positive impact on the psyche of the users and boost their working capacity eventually.

  1. Wintergreen: It is a plant of aromatic plans family. The active agent in this aromatic plant is methyl salicylate. The action of this agent is anti-inflammatory and calming to the mind. When combined with violet and jasmine as a heart note, the parfums of wintergreen are created. These are found to energize the people and be ready for the start of the week – Monday. 
  2. Birch Tar: Birch Tar is an aromatic plant from Neanderthal man’s time. It creates positive effect on the skin and makes people feel good overall. The incense or parfum makers like Shambhala Kodo use its aroma in combination with pepper, basil and coriander to create the fragrance for Tuesday. They call this parfum the activator of our body’s solar plexus.
  3. Bittersweet Orange: Bittersweet orange has a distinct citrusy smell. The fragrance makers studied on this aroma and advocate its use as a throat chakra activator. The goodness of this citrus fruit extract is combined with lavender, rosemary and fennel to create a power booster smell that provides complements the energy of Wednesday.
  4. Lime: Again, a citrus fruit having magnificent qualities that boost the psyche of a user. In a fragrance factory, this fruit extract is combined with Pomelo to create the top note. The middle note of Neroli and the base note of Sandalwood allows the users of lime-based fragrance to turn the power of Thursday in their favor.
  5. Rose: Any note on fragrance is incomplete without the mention of Rose. The fragrance-based healers use Palm Rosa, Agonis and Vanilla in combination with rose to enhance the magnetic power of the user’s personality. Rose fragrance calms the mind and improves a person’s ability to impress and makes Fridays more energetic.
  6. Vetiver: When you need to have a stable mindset or a reflective approach towards the work you have done throughout the week, you can use vetiver perfume made by combining it with Juniper berries and Cypress. By stimulating root chakra, it helps adopt confident approach in things you choose to do to wrap the week on a Saturday.

It is worth noticing that parfums are not used only to improve personality or mood. These are being used by the experts in enhancing the effects of medical treatments too. The makers at Shambhala Kodo employ ingredients as mentioned above to give you a week-long dose of health and happiness.


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