Tips for Disney on Ice

Tips for Disney on Ice

1. Get Your Ticket With a Discount Code or for FREE 

Subscribing to is the best way of doing this. We always have discount codes to save and/or tickets to giveaway since we know when these shows will come. Laura W. enjoyed this show with her family because she won 4 tickets for them. If you want to plan for this weekend, we have a discount code. Use code 1FREE to buy 3 and get 1 free. Get Your Tickets HERE! 

Subscribe Now if you want to plan for a show in the future. You will know when Disney On Ice returns to town! 

2. Set Your Budget 

It costs money to get the souvenirs and snacks. You will get the Disney-sponsored snacks (snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn) with Disney Merchandise. That is why you will pay more for a snack. The snacks cost $12 to $15. We withdrew cash from an ATM before the performance. And we withdrew the exact amount we wanted to spend.  

3. Plan to Share 

Do you want to attend with your friends? Or do you want to take several kids? If yes, you can bring some empty sandwich baggies with you. Sometimes, you can share the snacks because the serving sizes are big enough. However, sharing one snack among 6 people is a logistical nightmare. It is easy to share the snacks evenly if you have baggies. It is easy to share the snacks with your group using these baggies. You can also take empty water bottles with you. You will fill them at drinking fountains. However, you do not want to bring your child to the bathroom every few minutes. That is why we had to limit drinks during the show. You can also limit drinks at the show. 

4. Set Expectations

Establish your expectations before you arrive. We talked with our kids before arriving. We let them know that we would buy popcorn at intermission. We wanted them to know what to expect and when. It was tricky because our kids had rice crispy treats and big cookie treats. However, we set the expectations for popcorn during intermission. Being consistent is one of the best ways of avoiding meltdowns and tantrums, so we had to stick to our plans. I might add a cookie to our plans in the future. 

5. Glow In The Dark

You will have several opportunities for buying different glowing accessories and toys. There was even a flashing pair of Mickey’s ears. We eyed them throughout the night. If possible, add a spinning toy or flashing ears to your budget. They are not only the best ways of having fun during the show. They are also the best ways for bringing fun to your home. Once the show ends, your children will play with the spinning toys and flashing ears for a long time. If they are not in your budget purchase them before you go here is a great source for novelty light up toys like wands, swords, and more.  You can surprise your children with glow necklaces or bracelets. Give them to your kids once they take their seats. Even though they are not as cool, your children will appreciate the gesture. 

6. Dress Up

Most kids will be in costume, so make sure your kids wear Disney costumes. If you do not have Disney costumes, I would highly recommend you get them. Most children love to dress up. And they look lovely. However, many children can wear whatever they were wearing to school the previous day.

7. Bring a Sweater

It was our first time on Disney On Ice in Phoenix. However, we were close to the ice and the snow fell a couple of times during the Frozen performance, so our seats became really chilly. That is why you need to bring a sweater for everybody. My grandmother used to tell us, “Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!”

8. Dark & Loud

Some of my children have a mild fear of the dark and some are sensitive to loud noises. You must know that there will be some loud noises and occasions of darkness during some of the performances. There will also be fireworks at the finale. The dragon from Sleeping Beauty made my 6-year-old kid a little nervous. However, the other children thought the dragon was amazing. If you have kids who are sensitive to loud noises, you can bring noise-canceling earplugs or headphones. What about the ones who are scared of the darkness or the dragon? Our nervous child just sat close to dad.


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