Crosby. The workshop is most definitely in Crosby – but the vibe and the atmosphere feels like at the very least Liverpool’s trendiest city districts and after a few wines you could be forgiven for thinking you’re in up-and-coming Shoreditch in London Town.

Wines. The wine is abundant and diverse. Over 40 different varieties of grape are served here and all by the glass which is simply fantastic for the adventurous wine tasters amongst us. When you order at the bar make sure you check out the wall mounted wine preservation system which halts the wine deterioration process. Very interesting if I’m honest, I felt like my education into the fascinating world of wine had begun and the evening only got better.

In my excitement I’ve skipped past things like my pre-dining research, my date for the evening and the interior. So, without further ado-
Before I arrived, yes, of course I gave them a Google, sussed the plate on tripadvisor and skimmed over the website. In honesty, the place isn’t what I got from the world wide web so (short of reading this fantabulous Urbanista review) don’t hit your keypad, unless you’re looking for the postcode for your satnav. Seeing is believing, just go.

My lovely mate date Ashley accompanied me in to the wonderful world of wine. As a seasoned Chablis drinker, she stuck to the whites, allowing me to explore the reds. And she made me late…well that’s my excuse & I’m sticking to it!

The décor is rustic wooden furnishings with modern copper light fittings and those snazzy hanging light bulbs with the filaments twisted in to lots of ZZzzzz’s, you know the sort? Love them, need one in our pad actually come to think of it.

What’s more important than the tables and the light bulbs is the feel of the place. Relaxing. If its for a wine, for a Sunday roast or just to chill and listen to 3 ‘middle aged guys’ playing a selection of old tunes from their vinyl collection, you’ll be hit with the quirky intimate chill vibe.

Ok food. Here we go. Now, as you all know this is always my favourite part. The lifeblood of us mere mortals is the ingesting of delicious nutritious sustenance and after my meaty fishy pate selection, I felt sustained. The plate concept was developed as an accompaniment to the wines which are the star of the show, take three to four per person depending on how hungry you are.

The owner Steve gave us a tasting selection of 3 reds and 3 whites to try with the plates including an amazing biodynamic wine, wowsers. The white biodynamic wine was so fresh and delicate tasting and eco it was truly delicious, make sure you check one out. I also tried an English sparkling wine which beat 9 of the French champagne houses which really encouraged me to taste outside the box in the fizz category.

Lets get started…

Our first plates arrived and they were a beautifully dressed blue cheese salad and Bocquerones (anchovies if you’re not familiar with this traditional Spanish tapas dish) which we devoured with the fragrant bio wine. Yum. Our next plate was red mullet on wild mushroom risotto which was cooked to absolute al dente perfection. This was me losing my red mullet virginity as surprisingly enough I’d not tried it during my relentless foodie forages. I shall be dining upon red mullet again, don’t miss out on this one.

King Scallops

We proceeded to the stunning king scallops and chorizo which were seared on the outside and succulent on the inside, sat on a celeriac puree with apple and black sesame. A gloriously innovative take on the simple seared scallop.

Chicken Saltimbocca

Next out came the chicken saltimbocca which was also another first for me. The succulent saltimbocca comes from a Roman origin (I did promise you a foodie education so I best live up to it!) and was tender on the bone chicken in a mushroom and tarragon sauce with kale.

Final Dish: Steak & Frites

Our final plate was the notorious steak & frites. The cut is the less well known onglet or hanger steak which is popular with the French and comes strangely enough from the diaphragm of the cow! Very succulent and tender but is only ever cooked rare or medium rare to retain a delightfully melt in the mouth texture. Definitely don’t leave without trying this one!

We left feeling enriched with fabulous food, winning wines and a whole new set of fabulous foodie facts we can use to impress the Jones’s over the dinner table. I’m conscious the menu changes this week so you might have to investigate the new delights of the Workshops seasonal menu before me, but be sure to feedback to us and be vocal! This is a fantastic local independent venue that needs our support by feet through the door and also the vastly important word of mouth. See you there Urbanista warriors!